The PGF 2015 will take place at the University of Bamberg, more precisely in room U7/01.05.


U7 (rechts) und U9, Fotografin: Teresa Zak © Universität Bamberg


Otto-Friedrich-Universität Bamberg
An der Universität 7
96047 Bamberg



The following map features the conference venue and several possible accomodations to help you plan your trip. It also offers information on restaurants and bars in order to help you find your way around Bamberg during your stay.

More about the Universities of Bamberg & Bayreuth

If you would like to find out more about our universities, the program “Campus” by the Bavarian public television network introduces both the University of Bamberg and the University of Bayreuth in the folllowing broadcast (in German).
Hochschul-Visitenkarte: Universität Bamberg und Universität Bayreuth